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Biometric measurements                           Product development

Sport applied energy measurements       Process Development

Veterinary dentistry digital scopes          Quality Management

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Centered Dual Picker

Biometric measuring devices, Biometric training devices,
LOGIS 300 3D printer,

Lightweight 3D printer extruder

Dual material extruder air cooled

Dual material extruder water cooled

Filament "run-out" and "jam" sensor

Filament "run-out" sensor

Ultra Stick Liquid

Supplier Quality

We have many years of experiences in SQA management and supplier training topics likes the PPAP process, 8D and 5 Why techniques.

Training in functional GD&T

We see many young engineers disconnected from the real manufacturing world. Lack on knowledge of Functional Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing is more common than an exception these days.

We can help bridging the gap by offering you pracktical training sessions in Functional GD&T

Production Process Improvements

Discover the cost reduction and quality improvement offered by your own crew. We can help with tools like 5S, Kaizen and 6 Sigma projects.

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